Food Pyramid, How Manufacturers And Retailers Are Helping Consumers With Food Choices


The food pyramid has received a welcome boost from a group of food manufacturers and retailers. They call their initiative Take a Peak. The project will promote the U.S. Department of Agriculture MyPyramid.

The innovative program will be taken to the streets, or should I say the aisles. It will be taken directly to the grocery store aisles where consumers ultimately make their food choices. Take a Peak will provide easy to follow advice. They will also be on the lookout for consumers to make small progressive changes in their purchasing and diet habits Food and Retail.

The food industry is definitely taking up the challenge to assist consumers in making healthier choices. So far the response has been terrific. Increasing awareness will eventually translate into healthier people.

The program combines government food pyramid guidelines with the tremendous food marketing clout of the Take a Peak members. It is an important collaboration that will benefit individual consumers as well as our nation’s public health.

Research indicates that consumers are eager for healthier food choices. They also require dietary information that will help them control the ingredients in their meals. Consumers have become serious about eating healthier at home.

Take a Peak is an excellent example of the creative collaboration that can reach millions of consumers and help change eating behavior. Spreading its message far and wide, Take a Peak initially launched in 17 states and 2,000 retail locations. This important drive will reach millions of consumers.

They are using items such as:

1. point of purchase messages and materials

2. aisle banners

3. informational kiosks

4. floor graphics

5. educational coupon booklets

6. and other displays in grocery stores nationwide.

Take a Peak provides consumers with ways to steadily transition to healthier diets in a way that fits their lifestyles. The products featured provide consumers with realistic and practical solutions to their food and beverage needs. These foods are also consistent with the aims of the food pyramid.

The featured food items show how the small changes in product choices can help consumers enjoy the foods that provide the most nourishment for themselves and their families. Only food and beverage products that meet specific nutritional criteria are included in the program.

These targeted items must also provide a meaningful contribution towards helping consumers meet the goals consistently with the food pyramid guidelines. Surveys indicate that there is room for consumers to improve their food choices.

Even modest incremental improvements can have a significant impact on public health.
This initiative is a clear indication of what can materialize when the collective creativity of related organizations is pooled. The outcome is always a win-win situation.

It is apparent that the food industry giants do not have dollars and cents as their singular goal. Wrapped up in this program is not a sense of corporate responsibility, but also a sense of caring. Something so obviously missing from most business deals today.

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