Valentine’s Day – 4 Fun and Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Activities For Kids


I would suggest that if you have not planned for this Valentine’s Day holiday that you do not go broke trying to spend money that you know that you do not have. Instead of sharing gifts that cost money, you can use this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to genuinely express to your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them by giving them the priceless gift of love, time and attention. I have listed four inexpensive activities that you can do with your entire family to make this Valentine’s Day a day of thoughtfulness and love. The activities are 1) Design a Valentine’s Day room 2) Bake valentine cookies 3) Color valentine pictures and 4) Create Valentine’s Day cards

Design a Valentine’s Day Room
A great way that you can spend time with your entire family on this Valentine’s Day is by decorating a room in your house with a Valentine’s theme. You can purchase everything that you will need to decorate from the dollar store. This includes a banner, cupids and hearts to place on the walls. Decorating the room should be a family affair and every one should be included in this activity Scottsdale Florist.

Bake Valentine Cookies
Another inexpensive and fun activity that you can do with your children is to make Valentine’s Day sugar cookies. You can purchase already made cookie dough from the grocery store or you can make the dough yourself. The ingredients are really inexpensive and you probably already have everything that you need in your pantry. The great thing about baking sugar cookies is that you can assist your children with cutting the heart and cupid shapes in the dough and with sprinkling the toppings on top of the cookies.

Color Valentine Pictures
If you go online you can download and print a lot of free valentine themed pictures and games. Coloring pictures and playing games are both fun activities for the younger children and when your child has finished coloring, you can showcase their work by hanging their pictures in the Valentine’s Day room or by posting them on the refrigerator.

Create Original Valentine Day Cards
This Valentine’s Day you can spend time with your children and other family members by creating your very own valentine’s day cards. You can get all of your supplies from the dollar store or you can go online and download different templates. After you have exchanged cards you can hang them up in the Valentine’s Day room or you can post them on the refrigerator.

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