Poker Tells And Telling Lies

Poker tells are the key to success at the poker table. Every player must have the ability to spot actions and reactions in the opponent, revealing his next likely moves. They are, however, of no benefit if a player is not observant enough to fully take advantage of them. A player should not only be contented of knowing all the important poker strategies. What adds to the value of a poker player is being able to fish out the weaknesses and mood of the opponent at the poker table.

It is human nature to react to change in situation around him. Therefore, every player has some poker tells that can give him away at the table. These signals, however, don’t really reveal the truth. They only reveal things that should arouse one to investigate further Online betting sites.

In poker, what separates an amateur player from a professional is being able to fake or deceive the opponent about his tells. Faking poker tells means making the opponent to believe you are confused or hopeful when in actual fact it is the opposite. Telling lies with your tells can give you an advantage over the opponent. The lies could deceive the opponent into taking wrong decisions and giving you an advantage at the end of the day. Most professional players act as if they are not worried when they are in a tight situation. They still want to show strength when they are completely disturbed.

To be able to discover the truth about poker tells, you should know how to spot a lie in people. This is what helps to discover when a player is faking tells. In most cases, this can be discovered when what the opponent is saying is contrary to the changes in his body or mood. For instance, if he is sweating on the forehead but still saying, “Yeah, I am good”, you should know that he is not telling the truth. The real signals lie in the physical changes in the body and not in the words.¬†Spotting poker tells¬†takes skill. Some are good at it and some are weak. As said before, every player can display them. What can give you an advantage is trying to hide your tells as much as possible. The success at the table depends on the ability to hide your signals and make the opponent believe what is contrary. Also, do not first believe every poker tell that the opponent displays, you need to investigate further and be convinced that you are not being deceived into believing what is not. Do not be in a hurry to take actions based on what you are seeing. You should be aware that in the game of poker, tells could be full of lies to make you act too fast to your doom.


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