Buy Fine Diamond Jewelry to Wear – Diamonds Should Be Enjoyed, Not Locked Away

Fine diamond jewelry is costly and precious so obviously you do not want to lose it. But it should be enjoyed. Sadly, the fear of loss or damage causes some women to keep their diamonds locked away in the bank vault or a jewelry box hidden in the closet.

That may be safe, but it makes you miss out on the joy of owning and wearing fine diamonds. Even if your jewelry is expensive, it is not a national heirloom. Fine diamonds are meant to be worn.

It is sad to see someone wearing cheap costume jewelry when they have such attractive jewelry sitting in the drawer. However even this does not remove the risk of theft on the one day a year when you do take your diamonds out of the safe. And think about this. If on the one day you wear your jewelry you lose it somehow, how shattered will you feel? You will never have enjoyed it!

To diminish your fears of loss or theft, you should make certain that you have insurance that adequately covers the replacement value of each diamond piece.

If you no longer have the purchase invoice or if the jewelry pieces are gifts, take them to a certified jewelry appraiser for a written description and appraisal. Submit this information along with a photo of each jewelry item to your insurance company for coverage 求婚戒指.

The next best way to ensure safety of your jewelry when you wear it is to periodically check the clasps of necklaces and bracelets. If the item is heavy, get a safety chain attached to the item or change the clasp to something more secure. In particular, pearls need to be restrung periodically to ensure that the connecting string is secure.

If you have a busy day when you might be cleaning out the sink, pulling stuck papers from the copy machine and taking children on a play date, avoid wearing long necklaces, dangling bracelets or rings with tall settings that can get caught in the action.

Diamond heirloom jewelry needs to be enjoyed as well. After all, it is much more than jewelry, it connects you with women from generations past in your family. Chances are they wore that ring, bracelet or earrings with pride so you need to do that too. And be sure to wear those special heirloom fine jewelry pieces for important occasions like weddings and family portraits.

Fine diamond jewelry becomes part of your signature style that sets you apart from everyone else. Particularly when your fine jewelry pieces are heirloom or customized, then you have a look that matches your personality. You would not hide your smile in a vault, so do not hide the sparkle of your diamond jewelry, either!

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